China Good quality Automotive Bush Chains For Engine Timing 05CT 06D C35F2-2 with Best Sales

Bush Chains For Engine Timing

The Bush chain for engine timing is mainly used for diesel engine timing systems and the balance shaft system. Compared with the roller chain, it has a more straightforward structure and higher wear resistance.

Chain No Pitch Bush
Width between
inner plates
Inner plate
Ultimate tensile
per meter
P d1 max b1 min d2 max L max h2 max t/t1 max T max Pt Q min q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kg/m
05CT 8.000 5.00 4.76 3.15 11.8 7.6 1.3 1.04 8.5/1932 0.35
06D 9.525 6.35 5.50 4.44 13.9 9.6 1.4 1.30 9.0/2024 0.53
C35F2-2 9.525 5.08 4.85 3.28 22.8 8.3 1.6/1.8 1.04 10.13 17.4/3913 0.80

HZPT roller chain has the characteristics of higher than average service life characteristics because it has excellent wear resistance, high consistency, unparalleled accuracy, and higher fracture strength and fatigue strength than ISO standards. All IWIS chains are pre-10sioned and provide efficient initial lubrication.

  • Only high-quality heat-treated and case-hardened steels are used, with strict material analysis, tolerances, and surface quality specifications.
  • Each chain part is manufactured 1 million times a day to achieve the same accuracy and monitored using SPC (statistical process control)
  • All chain parts are heat treated; in some cases, unique processes are used to optimize the quality characteristics.
  • Modern production technology ensures consistent geometry and excellent surface quality.
  • Check the dimensional accuracy, length tolerance, and flexibility of the chain, as well as the press, fit connection on the pin, outer plate and bushing, and inner plate.
  • Our high-quality assurance standards meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2006
  • For special applications: surface coatings, special lubricants, unique materials (such as corrosion resistance)


  • Warehouse technology and material handling industry
  • Conveyor technology
  • Assembly and industrial handling systems
  • Wood processing industry
  • Mechanical engineering and system construction
  • Glass, ceramics, and building materials industry
  • Environmental technology and recycling

Related Sprockets and Chains

Sprockets fit our entire conveyor chain range.

The drive chain and the conveying chain are driven by sprockets. The uniform distribution of power depends on the precise transmission between the sprocket teeth and the chain rollers or bushes.

Because sprockets significantly impact the chain’s life, all challenging sprockets (from casting to precision mechanical cutting) are manufactured according to strict tolerances and quality control. We also recommend that all customers replace the sprocket when replacing the chain to maximize the chain life.

Chain factory

Hzpt was founded in 1972. It is 1 of the earliest and most competitive manufacturers in the domestic chain industry and metallurgical manufacturing of steel chains. It mainly produces chains, sprockets, couplings, non-standard complete sets of equipment, dummy ingot chains, non-ferrous casting, and copper product processing. The coverage rate of chain varieties and specifications ranks among the top in China. It is a large-scale machinery manufacturer integrating design, development, production, and sales. It has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.



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